• Quick and Easy

    Just snap and hang your curtain rods in a couple of minutes without any tools or mess or aggravation. It is absolutely mistake proof and guaranteed professional results.
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  • Hangs in 5 Minutes

    From start to finish your curtains can be up in 5 minutes or less with our patented Quick & Easy Curtain Rod Brackets. They are just as easy to remove without any wall holes.
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  • Fits Most Windows

    Perfect for any room or window in your house, college dorm, apartment or just remodeling project. Hanging curtains has never been any easier, faster or any more convenient.
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10 Sets of DOUBLE Brackets
20 Pieces Total

7 Pack COMBO Brackets
(5 Set Single) + (2 Set Double) 14 Pieces Total

1 Set of SINGLE Brackets
2 Pieces Total

10 Sets of SINGLE Brackets
20 Pieces Total

1 Set of DOUBLE Brackets
2 Pieces Total

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